Friday, September 14, 2007

Book review: Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

"Are you rich or something"?

I get asked this all the time when people see that I own a couple of Robert Kiyosaki's books. If the questioners bothered to look around my small two bedroom place they would see that wealth is yet to come my way. Even Robert Kiyosaki can't help with being a relatively new freelance writer I'm afraid.

The book is good though. Very good. Kiyosaki has an easygoing, gentle flow to his writing and he manages to get across some very dry financial concepts without ever losing his reader or confusing anyone.

The good

The advice is solid. Kiyosaki looks to provide several avenues to wealth for the reader; all based on solid economic principles, entrepanurial enthusiasm and Kiyosaki's own life experiences. As I said above Kiyosaki's writing makes for a fun read and he manages to get a lot across in what is a relatively short book.

The bad

Rich Dad Poor Dad's downside is all in it's hype. Yes the book is very good, and following it's principles will certainly help your financial situation (and definatelybe a good book to give to your teenager if you want them to be good with their money). However, this book won't make you rich all on it's lonesome. If it was as good as it's often made out to be (although to be fair, not by Kiyosaki himself) then why would sell all those other books?

The verdict:

This is a good book and worth buying. Read it, enjoy it, but bear in mind it's not all as simple as the book makes it out to be.

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