Thursday, September 13, 2007

Netguide magazine review

I love Netguide. It's almost shameful.

The good: Pretty much everything. This is a great beginners level magazine that caters to virtually everyone in the PC market (with some content for Mac owners as well). The articles are well researched and well written, with a good mix between serious issues and fun little articles ont he weird stuff people do online.

Netguide also offers excellent game reviews, including all of the main platforms as well as PC and Mac. These are also well written and a breeze to read.

Perhaps most importantly, netguide seems to love a good giveaway and there are plenty of prizes up for grabs for anyone keen on entering. the netguide website is easy to navigate and offers an absolute ton of downloads of excellent utilities.

The bad: Not much, but if you're a Mac owner there could be more content in Netguide. Still it does cater to the majority market, which is PC owners.

The verdict: Well priced, greeat content, great web follow up. Awesome, go get a copy.

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