Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First review: Sony Ericcson w200i cellphone

My old phone ended up killing iself a little while ago so i decided to invest in a new one. After some shopping around I picked up a w200i on the basis that it looked pretty good, could be used as botha walkman and a radio. It also met my all important budget constraints (freelancing does not pay that well folks).

The good:

The phone works. It just plain wokrs well. The reception is clear, texting is easy and every feature (bar one) works exactly as advertised. My favortite function has to be the walkman, it's easy to use (especially if your mobile provider supports downloadable songs and ringtones), sounds great and has as much storage capacity as you are willing to pay for.

The pohone itself only comes with 256mb of memory, however you can easily upgrade with any mini san disk to 2gb or even more. It's not quite an ipod, or an iphone for that matter but for the budget concious this is a fantastic alternative.

The bad:

The camera is absolutely dreadful, hard to use, poor quality VGA camera. Of course you get what you pay for but the camera is so bad it's almost like the manufactueres remebered a day before the launch that they needed a camera and just bunged ins ome sort of failed webcam experiment.

The verdict:

This is an excellent phone. The camera is bad enough that you will probably neveruse it, but the rest of the phone, particularly the walkman and radio is so good it almost doesn'y matter.



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